Credit and Landlord Reports

While the Financial Empowerment Center is a good follow-up to this, correcting credit reports quickly and efficiently on your own is best as the FEC is often overbooked and often focuses on budgeting first before jumping into credit report work. There are clocks that start ticking the earlier someone asks for a correction, so the earlier the better.

Individuals can request copies of their credit reports for free here:  (once annually)
Anything negative on their credit reports should be disputed. That’s because many companies won’t bother to validate debts and it can then fall off their reports. and significantly jump their creditworthiness and scores. In addition, there is no “penalty” for disputing something that is validated.
You will have to dispute individually with each credit bureau:
Requests for credit reports can be made online or by mail. There are instructions for both. Online requests are usually fulfilled instantly.
 In addition, the following direct services allow you to monitor your credit report (and usually score) at least monthly with their agency for free:
I know a lot of people like to use Credit Karma, but I don’t recommend them because they actually calculate their own scores (as opposed to FICO), and they don’t even have Experian information in the file. They are also pretty bad about selling people’s information.
After the annual credit report, people are entitled to another free copy if they are on public benefits or are denied credit for any reason.
In addition to specifically check for eviction and criminal records and correct those: